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Violence is a Mirror

December 30, 2010


Watch two young black men work to save a young white girl while others just walk by.

Watch that violence isn't always something to fear.
See the wolf.  Watch instinct at play.  See what we hide.
Watch how they instinctively knew how, no talk.
Sometimes it can make you proud.
It doesn't matter that it wasn't real.
Watch the heroes.

Violence is a mirror                                                                                                    rorrim a si ecneloiV

That shows you what you fear.                                                                   .raef uoy tahw uoy swohs tahT

Not through a looking glass darkly,                                                      ,ylkrad ssalg gnikool a hguorht toN

Oh no, roaring, rending, starkly.                                                              .ylkrats ,gnidner ,gniraor ,on hO

Not an easy scry, not death, nor great sin,                               ,nis taerg ron ,htaed ton ,yrcs ysae na toN

Merely, an honest view, posed from within.                           .nihtiw morf desop ,weiv tsenoh na ,ylereM

Toss away the key, no reflections , Oh aye!                            !eya hO ,snoitcelfer on ,yek eht yawa ssoT

What criminal to cage, the offender or I?                                 ?I or redneffo eht ,egac ot lanimirc tahW

Violence is a mirror that shows you what you fear.     .raef uoy tahw uoy swohs that rorrim a si ecneloiV

Protesting inside that criminal you hide                                     edih uoy lanimirc that edisni gnitsetorP

Came whence?                                                                                                               ?ecnehw emaC

But not from here.                                                                                                       .ereh morf sey tuB

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