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Who Ya Gonna Believe? Me or a Priest?

January 1, 2011

Okay, so here is the situation we are in.

Hyperbole aside

About, two thousand years ago, no one is quite sure of the year much less the date.

In a section of country smaller than most states with umpteen languages, religions, worldviews.

{You know, like it is now}

A Child is born whose message, strictly verbal, informs every aspect of our lives.

{The Message is freely available, like advertising}

No one alive since has spoken any of these tongues as they did to Christ.

{Ain’t dat right Dawg, or should a brutha keeps it on the down low?}

No one alive has the immediate perspective available to those alive at Christ’s birth.

{Have you read about atom bomb drills? Or have you been in one while missiles floated to Cuba?}

The fabric of history itself is rent. We have only evidence and interpretation.

{Gosh I hope we haven’t found the ancient equivilant of the History of Christ by Pee Wee Herman!}

A body of fact with huge gaping holes.

Okay, that is all the stuff we don’t have.

What is the stuff that we actually know.

Almost instantly, the message became subject to politics.


{No really read the Bible, you’ll see}

So a summary of our position as Christians.

The Message passed word of mouth for a undeterminable period of time or iterations.

A message honed by politics interpreted, time and again by scholars, not fishermen.

Willing suspension of disbelief, pfft come on?

We need an update.

Seriously, the real Christians sneer at the Protestants, The Protestants sneer at themselves and “Cults”

The cults just try to get your money and don’t bother sneering at anyone.

Personally, I often find cults more honest.

Do we believe the priests.

What was it you just thought about priests?

Lets not mention the trials of the Protestants.

{No, come on let’s do. Did you know there are people who believe that Christ would hang out with These Guys on TV. You know ’em, the send me money guys.}

So, I have edited the Bible to suit my own personal mission.

{Why not? Everyone else has.}

Don’t worry. It says you can, right there in the Bible.

“The holy spirit is your teacher. It may say something like your only teacher or the only teacher you need. I don’t remember chapter and verse.”

{Yeah, kinda like the disciples when they were writing down what Christ actually said.}

{Some of the message is so beautiful. Christ really got down with some of his thinking.}

And that is just the thing Parentheses, I think Christ got down with all of his thinking. I think the stuff that isn’t beautiful, you know like hell and how Jesus wished vengeance upon Judas, yeah I think those parts are pretty much crap. Christ healed those who came, he didn’t ask for a membership card. This confusion arose either because the message as Christ spoke it was beyond the disciples ability to convey or understand or it was defecated by politicians who have changed surprisingly little, taken by the average, even after two thousand years of Christian influence.

{Isn’t that enough to question the sterling nature of the Bible. Over two thousand years of the Gospel According to and we still torture people. Something is off.}

Not to mention the 200 plus years of bible toting senators that have been bleeding off the pork.

So, I don’t think my editing is without merit. I can’t live with George Carlin’s idea that we are circling the drain and there is no ultimate creator.

I mean what the hell is the point of that.

We get to see the beauty for some brief span.

We mature only enough to kill ourselves?

{What kind of cruel ass god let’s that go down.}

That is as hard to believe as the Bible, unfiltered by the Holy Spirit.

Nope, what I believe boils down to this.

If Christ were there in the bedroom while I raped that young woman.

And he looked in my heart and saw that I was immediately and ever after sorry.

{What about if you might be sorry someday?}

Christ would stay with us both.


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